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Server Announcements

  • Gruuls Lair will open Wednesday 27th May 7PM server time.
    This announcement was made on discord
  • Karazhan will open friday 22th May 6PM server time
    This announcement was made on discord
  • As for the next update, reputation will have the following changes. - Quest rep rate will keep being x1. **- Creature killing rep rate will be increased to x2.**
    This announcement was made on discord
  • Hello , We've decided to unlock the below crafting profession sets. Let me explain, We've unlocked the items, however the itemset bonus's will not be active until a later patch. Tailoring: - Frozen Shadoweave - Spellfire - Primal Mooncloth Leatherworking: - Primal Strike - Windhawk While the itemset is disabled, You'll get an message in chat telling you "This spell is disabled for current patch" The itemsets will still show as "active" on your character, However the bonus's won't be added to your character until the patch is available. The itemset bonus's will be available again during **2.0.9** patch **Battle for Mount Hyjal**. See <#666646674772328468> for more details regarding this change.
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  • After some ponderation, we will make the following changes regarding TBC leveling rates: - This weekend (starting on Saturday 16th May) the rates will turn x2 - At the open of Karazhan, rates will turn x3 Please understand that these rates will be changed in this way to please everyone.
    This announcement was made on discord
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Experience the opening of Ahn’Qiraj, invade and conquer the Black Temple, and stop the Lich King before he dominates the entire planet with the Scourge! As the community completes content, new content will be made available!

Plaguewood is a progressive server from Vanilla to WOTLK (using the 3.3.5a client), emulating the official World of Warcraft timeline, by releasing content time to time.


Join a active community!
Come make part of our family.
Scripted content
Active daily development and bug fixing.
Unique gaming experience
Progressing through patches.

Progression System

The Burning Crusade expansion is released
- New Races: Blood Elfs / Draenei
- New Profession: Jewelcrafting
- New Cities: Silvermoon and Exodar
- Level cap raised to 70

New Instances:

Hellfire Citadel,
Coilfang Reservoir,
Tempest Keep,
Escape from Durnholde Keep

Kharazan ,
Gruul's Lair,
Magtheridon's Lair

New World Boss:

Arena Season : 1
Duration: 60 Days

Started at: 2020-05-08 18:28:39
Will end at: 2020-07-07 18:28:39
Next patch starts in:
Next season starts in:
Next expansion starts in:


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